Let’s face it; most of our paychecks are stretched to the limit. If we can find a way to save money while maintaining a high level of service, it makes sense to check out every option. Did you know that many Americans spend approximately 1/8 of their monthly take home pay on long distance calls? And most of those calls are to family and friends far away.

Flat Rate Long Distance Phone Services

What if you could determine in advance how much you will spend on your long distance calls every month? What if you could do so without limiting your calls? What if you could throw away the chart on your refrigerator that explains your complex, inconvenient calling plan? What if you could call whenever you want to and talk as long as you like?

Find out about flat-rate long distance phone services and how they can save you money

Flat rate long distance was developed for people just like you. It’s been around for over a decade, and it’s becoming more popular every year as more and more callers recognize that they are paying far too much for their calls and spending way too much time trying to call within their “plans.” The hassle of dealing with complicated calling plans that change rates several times during a day and cost more at the times you most want to call can be a thing of the past. So can billing that charges a full minute for 5 or 6 seconds.

You can break away from the system. No more outrageous bills that take an accountant to understand. No more guilt when you’re on the phone and realize you’ve talked longer than you planned. No more cutting off your friends in the middle of a story because you can’t afford to talk to them. Flat-rate long distance phone service is your key to long-distance freedom!